Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lace Stenciled Cupcakes

In case you missed it before, I'm bringing home my lace stenciled cupcakes tutorial. Originally posted here at Snips and Spice

Sometimes I just want the cake part of a cupcake, not all the intensely sweet frosting. I love cream cheese frosting but I think that buttercream and royal icing is just too much! When I have store bought cupcakes at a party or function, I usually use the wrapper to conveniently wipe off all but some of the icing. If you're like me then maybe you'll enjoy this elegant alternative.

I purchased an 1/8 of yard of lace at Hobby Lobby and cut the strip into 12  squares. 

(If you want to make 24 cupcakes purchase 1/4 yard of lace)

It couldn't be more simple. Place a square of lace over the cupcake and generously sift Powdered sugar over the top. 

(Be sure to use a new square of lace for each cupcake)

Carefully remove the lace, 

and voila! A beautifully stenciled cupcake. 

Lovely, aren't they?

*Note- cupcakes should be dusted just before serving (: *



  1. Oh how pretty.Im going to make them maybe this weekend.Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Those are so pretty, would be very sweet for a tea party!

  3. My nieces will go nuts over this ladylike treat!

  4. This is such a sweet idea! Wish I'd seen this for my wedding! We did a small red velvet cake for cutting and then cupcakes for guests instead of sheetcakes. Cute!

  5. Just saw you on Ashley's blog. I am loving that maxi dress you did. Your blog is so cute. How do I follow your blog?

  6. So, so pretty! This would also look amazing on a full-sized cake top!

  7. This is such a simple but effective idea! I love it, especially with the red of the red velvet cupcakes :) I might give this a go next time I make cupcakes.

  8. These look so pretty. I've done the same thing with paper doilies before. I completely agree about wanting to ditch the frosting.

  9. LOVE these! I love stenciling with lace! So fun!

  10. Such a cute alternative, I love it!

  11. I just found this post and totally love it. Very elegant effect.

  12. This is the best idea ever!! Lace is so lovely, and now I can eat it! Sort of...haha


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